Pastor Rod & Traci Brewer

Gideon House is a ministry of Family Cathedral Church in Mesquite, Texas and is a non-profit organization.


Family Cathedral Church has been faithfully serving the community of Dallas for 46 years and is currently under the leadership of Senior Pastor Harry Lee Sewell.

Pastor Rod was a methamphetamine addict for 14 years until Jesus Christ gloriously set him free in 1997. Pastor Rod is a graduate of Dallas Teen / Life Challenge (1998) & Christ For The Nations Bible College (2001). He is currently serving as Associate Pastor at Family Cathedral Church in Mesquite, Texas a position that he has held for the last 11 years. Pastor Rod & his wife Traci have been married since 2000 and are the proud parents of 3 wonderful children.



traci brewer

Traci is a registered nurse and serves along side her husband as Associate Pastors of Family Cathedral church.


Tom sullivan

Hanging with my buddies drinking beer with the nightly excuse of working on a race car, used to be what I lived for.  I have a wife & young daughter that were ignored unless they were asking about racing.  This was no way for us to live and my wife was getting sick of it. She tried dragging me from church to church, looking for something to change.  After about 5 churches we ended up at Family Cathedral Church, and something was different.  God's Spirit kept drawing us back and we were saved in September 2005 and God delivered me from alcohol in October 2005. Christ's ultimate goal was not merely salvation for us, but to fill us with the Holy Spirit & all the fullness of God so that we might reach others. Under the leadership of Pastor Sewell, the teaching & friendship of Pastor Rod, obedience & God's love, I am allowed & blessed to be a part of Gideon House.


Michael Fluellen

I was known by many as a black sheep of His family, who lost his way chasing fame & fortune in the entertainment world. Beginning with music & ending in all kinds of vice & sin! From the use of every kind of illegal drug to prostitution & so on! But, when I lost everything, & I mean everything, God called me through the preaching of Pastor Rod Brewer on a downtown Dallas street. God got my attention & I knew there would be no more chances! So, I humbled my ignorant self & set myself to learn & seek God & His kingdom first. The more I learn & obey, the more humble I become. And now I am what I am, what God's word says I am. You do the math. A tree is known by the fruit it bears. Only by the grace of God. All glory be to God. Amen!


Darvin Dulworth

I grew up in Dallas (Oak Cliff). I started smoking, drinking & drugging at a very young age. I know now I was trying to fill a hole in my life all those years. A hole I could never fill. My cup now overruns with my relationship with Jesus Christ. The hole is full & always wanting more. The roots of sin in my past were deep. If I wasn't blessed with my Pastor Rod Brewer & his vision of Gideon Houses, I would of never had a place of love & time to grow into the man God really created me for. I am proud & honored that God has let my Pastor see Him in me & trust me as a leader in the Gideon House. This just confirms that as I grow, He will have a whole lot more challenges & responsibilities for me in my future as a son of God. Thank you Lord for the Gideon House.


Terry Bowen

My name is Terry Bowen and I was brought up in church, but rebelled at a young age. I ran around the mountain of addiction for the next 25+ years. After losing my family, I could feel myself at a crossroad. This was it. I was either gonna turn my life around and live, or die, & soon, from the drugs & alcohol. In 2009 I went back to church & gave my life back to Christ. Since then He has blessed me in so many ways that it is hard to count them all. Now I feel His call on my life to help others out of the same situations. Thanks to the Lord Jesus Christ, Family Cathedral Church & Pastors Harry & Debbie Sewell & Pastors Rod &Traci Brewer, I now have that chance at Gideon House.

our staff

All of the Gideon House staff have come from the same background as our clients. Each leader has a personal testimony of victory over the difficulties of life that offers hope to those who live in our homes.


Gideon's house is breaking the Chains

Here at Gideon's House we are working very diligently to see that the chains of addiction, emotional distress, and poverty; that keep men from functioning in society; are broken forever. We take seriously the problems of men in our houses and are willing to serve our client's as long as needed to ensure that they can function independently and productively in society. It is our goal to transform mens lives spiritually, emotionally, physically & financially so that they may become leaders in the world in which they live.

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